Infectious Threads is NOT a corporation or large company…it's owned solely by me and my husband, Andee and Rob. Thus, when doing business with us you will NOT be treated as a number, you will NOT find the same stuff that is carried at the mall, and you will NOT be feeding the big-business-corporate-machine …You WILL be supporting truly independent and hard-working small-business owners.

We've been into the punk/alternative scene since 1981, and it is truly a way of life for us. We personally hand pick each item that we carry and hope that you like our choices!

What about Customer Service? We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We highly value all of our customers and treat each one the way we would like to be treated, no matter how big or small your order or question.

Why are some items only available in certain sizes? Most of the items we carry are made in limited quantities and when they are sold, there are no more to be had.

We are NOT a wholesaler....We are retail only.


Andee with Doyle and Danzig of the original Misfits

Rob with Doyle and Danzig


Our Pets:

"Thor" - Looks can be deceiving.  This guy can go from zero to devil in 2 seconds, but can also be the cutest thing you've ever seen.  He's a Tuxedo and is always looking sharp.  14 years old.


"Sierra" - she is a 6 month old Newfoundland and super sweet and mellow.   She weighs 80 pounds right now and will get up to 100-125.  We adopted her from the Newfoundland Rescue Group.








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