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Alchemy Gothic Product Information:
All jewelry is cast and hand-made in fine English pewter, many with additional high quality crystals and other components, hand-plated or other two-tone finish and all come complete upon their nickel-free chain or other necklace of appropriate length. 

All our gothic jewelry is made of fine English pewter and are made in Sheffield, England by master craftsmen, who are members of The Worshipful Company of Pewterers.  One advantage of these pewter items, is that they do not need regular polishing to maintain its gorgeous appearance.  Pewter jewelry does not tarnish like silver jewelry.  To keep your gothic jewelry bright and shiny, an occasional cleaning with a quality proprietary metal polish will keep it looking brilliant.

The metal used in the manufacture of all Alchemy's pewter products is the highest grade, 92% tin alloy, (to BSS5140 standard), known as "English Pewter".   Some manufacturers misleadingly use the term 'pewter' to describe alloys containing lead.   This results in inferior, more easily made products which are heavier, softer and of a darker colour, and are much more prone to tarnishing and disfigurement.    This WILL NOT happen with Alchemy Gothic jewelry.

La Nuit Earrings

From the deepest corners of the night comes La Nuit (Pair) earrings, a pair of crystal luxuriance born on night’s silver wings.

A single black crystal rests on the stud that rests upon the ear, while a chain dangles beneath, attached to a winged creature of the night.

Bat-like wings outstretched, this denizen of the night carries a heavy burden: a luxurious crystal, hanging just beneath it on a single link.

Elegant and stylish, La Nuit (Pair) earrings are a perfect gift for any lovely lady who happens to think that there is nothing terrifying about the darkest hours of the night.


Delivers in 6-10 days USA, 10-13 days Canada
Imported from England

La Nuit Earrings
Price: $49.99
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