Hive AirPirate Gadget Goggles - Magnifying Lenses, Wasp Eye Lens, with Loupe

1 Pair of Steampunk gadget goggles with Brass or copper lenscaps.  Real copper mesh on lenses. 

These unique goggles are hand modified with leather from popular German motorcycle goggles.

The lens caps are real steel painted brass or copper with a protective overcoat to prevent chipping. 

The goggles are connected in the middle with a leather strap.  The headband is made of flexible nylon which you can also adjust to fit all sizes, and will fit around a top hat.

Completely see-through with clear lenses underneath mesh for eye protection. 

Faux leather or spikes on the sides. 
Spike option are pictured.
Real magnifying lenses.


Custom-made in the USA.

USA = 5-7 days
INT'L = 8-12 days

Gadget Goggles: Loupe, Magnifying Lenses, Wasp Eye Template

Price: $55.99
Lens Cap Color:
Spike Style:


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