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LowBrow Art:  Unconventional Apparel from Beyond the Edge of Reason

The lowbrow art movement popped up in Southern California during the late 1970's.  Most commonly referred to a "pop surrealism," lowbrow clothing has yet to find it's way into marbled halls of "fine art" and that's just fine with them! 

Lowbrow launched in early 2008 and offers some of today's most cutting edge art for clothing, your body and your walls. 

Lowbrow Art Company has partnered with an amazing collection of artists including Tyson Mcadoo, Alex Garcia, Sid Stankovits, Whitney Lennox and a many more... all to bring YOU some of the coolest apparel and art you've ever seen. 

Equally passionate about the art and the final product, Lowbrow Art Company pairs each piece of apparel with a hang tag that includes the artist's contact information for you.

Artist:   Abril Andrade Griffith
"My cute and dark style of art began in the earliest stages of my teenage years, when I became influenced by the Gothic Subculture, which since then has always inspired me to paint. After being accepted into a school of fine art in Lleida , Spain, I moved away from my family and became more interested in painting every waking hour.  Unfortunatly i did not learn in school what i actually do for a living but it helped me on deciding that PAINTING is what i wanted to do the rest of my life. Inspired by the example of my brother Carlos, who traveled as much as he could and lived life to the fullest, I continued traveling and meeting interesting artist around Europe, making friends and learning from others.   Working with different artist and styles has stimulated me to create a fantasy world of surreal creatures with enormous eyes.  I also draw much inspiration from day to day living and my surroundings.
  I love children’s books, and have a large collection of them. Not only do I enjoy the illustrations: I also find that the stories fire my creativity."

This tee features an adorable black kitty with huge blue eyes and a heart on his chest.  Soooo cute!!

Preshrunk t-shirt.  Premium 100% cotton fabric with a soft design touch and quality printing techniques. We love our art, and want it to last! Clothing made in the USA, tattoo art illustrated by wicked cool tattoo artists worldwide.


Poker Hoodie
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100% Cotton


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