Zombie Virgin Mary Lady Guadalupe Cameo Necklace


Poor Mary! She's gotten bitten by her sweet zombie Jesus and herself, has turned. The rotting apple doesnt seem to fall far from the tree on this one. Mary want's to give you a nice big hug, as well as nom your brains--just for a little bit! 

Please understand there may be some slight variation to item from picture due to handmade nature of them, It just makes them even more SPECIAL!

All zombie pendants are Matte sealed for YOUR protection. Blood and gore have been gloss sealed for that extra special slippery glimmering effect. 

Your zombie will be MADE FRESH just for you, please allow a few days between creation and shipping! 

Dimensions are approximately 3.5" tall and 2" wide.

Numbered, hand-painted, and signed by the Artist. 

Pendant will include a 16"-18" ribbon necklace (choose color) or Silver Ball Chain.

Hand Made in USA by My Little Zombie


Zombie Virgin Mary Lady Guadalupe Cameo Necklace
Price: $29.99
Ball Chain or Ribbon:


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