Pressed Eye Shadow

A collection of edgy and bold rock-goth palettes with the most distinct and seductive unconventional looks in mind.

Meticulously crafted of high quality vegan formulations that apply flawlessly, have staying power, feel light and airy on the skin.
100% cruelty-free.



Primer - $15.99

Gossip Eye Shadow $11.99


Malevolent Eye Shadow $11.99
Rival Eye Shadow $11.99

Fledgeling Eye Shadow $11.99


Nocturne Eye Shadow $11.99

Nemesis Eye Shadow $11.99


Wicked Eye Shadow $11.99
Fallen Eye Shadow $11.99

Acid Reign Eye Shadow $11.99


Wormwood Eye Shadow $11.99
Medusa Eye Shadow $11.99

Zoom Boom Pow Eye Shadow $11.99


Calamity Eye Shadow $11.99

Afterburn Eye Shadow $11.99


Charisma Eye Shadow $11.99


Rumor Eye Shadow $11.99
Vexed Eye Shadow $11.99

Crushed Eye Shadow $11.99


Bad Influence Eye Shadow $11.99


Veruca Eye Shadow $11.99



Wired Eye Shadow $11.99


Whisper Eye Shadow $11.99



SKY CLAD COLLECTION - Lighter colors for Spring and Summer!


Anubis Eye Shadow $11.99
Odyssey Eye Shadow $11.99

Cleopatra Eye Shadow $11.99


Moon Flower Eye Shadow $11.99

Tantrum Eye Shadow $11.99


Copernicus Eye Shadow $11.99

Vendetta Eye Shadow $11.99





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