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Perfume Oil
Perfume Oil
Perfume Oil


Our scent-less base give a wonderful backbone to teh oils we add leaving your skin soft to the touch.

All surfactants used in the base are natural and derived from coconut oil.
Cruelty-free / No animal testing

10ml Amber glass bottle: Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil , Grapeseed Oil, Rice Bran Oil ,Natural Vitamin E
No Animal Ingredients
No Alcohol
No Mineral Oil



In another time she may have lived within the walls of the Sultan’s Palace, as a prized slave to her own spirit and elegance, dancing with the harem for the pleasure of the Sultan’s guests. Now the “moss haired” Circassian beauty has found her freedom with her tall and teased coif as her silk skirt swirls on the Burlesque stage and the intoxication scents of Circassian Girl’s tobacco, oak moss and sweet black currant.


Madame’s golden days of Cabaret brings back the warm and sophisticated, yet subtle blend of apple and oak, with a spice mahogany bouquet, soothing hints of vanilla, cinnamon and dark wood, ripe tones of sweet figs and infused with a blend of tobacco, black tea and fruit spices.


She danced, she teased, she entertained…Gypsy Rose-The Dancer is a beautiful floral bouquet creating this sensuous fragrance with English Rose and Star Jasmine infused into roasted black tea leaves, lemon and orange combined with a lasting hint of musk, amber crystal, bergamot and white cedar wood.


Close your eyes and take in the rich exhilarating aromas of Pachouli, Bergamot, and deep, musky leather as the smoke rises from the Gypsy Fortune Teller’s caravan wagon. While the lingering scents of roasted black tea leaves blend with cedar wood and plump mouth watering red currents listen to the words of Gadje.


The Romanian village is ready for Karneval, filled with a perfectly blended combination of exotic spices and fruits from the Middle East, rich tobaccos from the Orient, topped off with the light scent of crisp, red candied apple. We have captured that fun and excitement of this centuries old celebration for you to enjoy today.


True to its name…this musky combination of Patchouli, black leather and tobacco with a floral hint of Frankincense, violet and amber is perfectly blended in fresh lemon, mandarin, juicy plum, red apple, cinnamon and fresh clove, dipped in vanilla and cherry cordial. Let the intoxicating scents of a 19th century Burlesque Lounge tickle your senses and take you back to another time.


The wild, musky scents of the Big Top Circus are combined in Chapiteau as you take in Patchouli and musk accented with hints of violet and sandalwood.


Enjoy a mouthwatering fresh baked pumpkin pie with notes of cinnamon and clove covered with a delicious streusel topping as you luxuriate in the scents of Koffin Kake


Remember the Fairy Tales our parents read to us at bedtime? Those stories forced us to sleep with one eye open and our heads under the covers wondering...Fairy Tales or warnings!?! We have created "Grimm", full of sweet plum scent and bold spices to enter your mind and calm those fears.

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